Næstved Gymnasium og HF

An encouraging and active environment
The school is characterized by openness, mutual respect, and a strong democratic tradition giving the students, aged 16 to 19, a high degree of influence both in the running of the school on a daily basis and in matters concerning its future development. After school, there are a number of social activities such as music, arts, drama, and sports. The annual school play (in winter) and song contest (in spring), as well as concerts, parties, and monthly Friday Cafes all attract many students at the end of the week.

An excellent place to learn
Næstved Gymnasium og HF offers a wide range of subjects at the highest possible level, suited for the two upper secondary programmes offered by the school, the 3 year Gymnasium (stx) and the 2 year Higher Preparatory Course (hf).

It is our aim to help each student make use of and develop his or her academic and personal potential, irrespective of background and ability.

The most talented students are challenged in international competitions and special projects. We offer daily extra tuition and a safety net of tutorials and counselling for the students who need help.

Talented students who wish to combine sports and education may apply to Næstved Sports College which is based at the school.

An orientation to local, national, and international affairs
The school is closely connected to the local community with partners in culture, education, industry, and the authorities. At the same time, we participate in national and international development projects and are seeking to include even more partners for exchange programmes all across Europe. All students are offered a study tour abroad. This insight into and orientation to the world around us – locally as well as internationally – is greatly valued at Næstved Gymnasium og HF.


Bandet NGHorns underholdt da Næstved Gymnasium og HF havde åbent hus
Morten Breum optræder ved Ruth festen
Dramasamarbejde med Jens Polle Andersen

Årets første student 2011 var Benedikte Capion Knudsen


Årets studenter 2010 klar til fotografering